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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society


The NPSS Foundation Fund aims to provide continuity of funding for NPSS mission-driven educational, outreach, diversity and humanitarian activities. Click here or on the button to the right to make a donation.

About the Fund

  • History: The NPSS Foundation Fund was established in 2021. Priority is currently focused on building the Fund through donations and other means to a level at which it can support approved projects consistent with the IEEE and NPSS mission and vision.
  • Mission: The Fund’s mission is to support the Society’s educational, outreach, diversity, and humanitarian efforts, inspired by the IEEE’s mission “to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.”
  • Governance: The Fund is administered by the NPSS Financial Committee (FinCom) and reports to NPSS Administrative Committee (AdCom), and the IEEE Foundation. It is managed by a Management Committee comprising a Chair, the NPSS Treasurer, and two other members responsible for process development and communications.


The Fund aims to provide continuity of funding for NPSS mission-driven educational, outreach, diversity and humanitarian activities. This is critical because the Society’s costs and operational revenues from publications and conferences are sensitive to many external factors beyond its control. Continuity of funding will allow continued support for demonstrably successful projects established under the NPSS initiatives Program that would otherwise be discontinued at the end of their 3-year IEEE initiative funding cycle. Examples of such projects include:


Our supporters: The NPSS Foundation Fund is funded through a portion of NPSS’ annual operational surplus (when available) and individual donations. Without such donations it could not fully achieve its goals. The IEEE Board of Directors and the US financial rules for non-profit organizations like IEEE restrict the ability to put available operational surpluses into the fund unless substantially matched by external donations. Essentially your donation  is at least doubled.

Making a Difference

  • NPSS Schools
    • NPSS School on Advanced Topics in PET/CT and PET/MR in Thailand (Jan 2023)
  • NPSS humanitarian projects
  • IEEE Smart Village: Improving the lives of people in remote parts of the world, for example by providing reliable solar power for schools, and electric lighting and internet access for students in their homes.
  • Women in Engineering
    • WIE event in Dakar
  • Student and Early Career Fellowship Awards/Grants

Donation Options


  • Is my gift tax deductible? Only if you are a U.S. taxpayer.
  • Can I direct my gift to a specific kind of project? No.
  • Will my gift be acknowledged? Yes unless desired to be anonymous.