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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society


Educational activities have a long tradition in NPSS. Many of our conferences have courses and tutorials. Our Publications include reviews and tutorial material. Our Distinguished Lecturers program is very successful in providing educators to NPSS Chapters and Student Chapters. In addition, the society sponsors International Instrumentation Schools since several years. To provide a better management and consolidation of all activities, the NPSS Educational Committee (EduCom) has been founded in 2022 as a new Functional Committee. The purpose of EduCom is now to provide strategic advice to NPSS on new educational initiatives, to effectively manage the NPSS Schools as an ongoing sustainable educational activity, and to act as the main point of contact for all educational activities of NPSS.

Committee Membership

The EduCom Chair is appointed for a one-year term by the President as per the NPSS Bylaws. The other members of EduCom are ex officio. In addition to the ex officio members, temporary members will be added by the discretion of the EduCom Chair as organizers of the various educational activities such as schools.

Committee Membership:

Stefan Ritt (EduCom Chair)
Dan Fleetwood (NPSS Distinguished Lecturers Chair & IEEE Educational Activities Board liaison)
Steven Gold (NPSS Chapters Chair)
Martin Grossmann (NPSS Transnational Committee Chair)
Srilalan Krishnamoorthy (YP Chair)
Paul Dressendorfer (Publications Chair)
Cinzia Da Via (IEEE Women in Engineering liaison)

Roles and Responsibilities

EduCom Roles and Responsibilities:

  • be responsible for the NPSS Schools
  • identifying supportive local organizers to share work and costs with NPSS
  • assembling teams to organize and run Schools
  • create an inclusive and diverse environment by organizing Women in Engineering and Young Professional Events during our educational activities
  • managing the annual budget for Schools
  • identify and help establish new educational initiatives in collaboration with Technical Communities
  • identify hosts and speakers for NPSS educational activities
  • create and maintain an EduCom page on the NPSS web site

Apply for a NPSS Educational Activity

Any NPSS member can apply for an Educational Activity and optionally request funds for travel or some equipment. The activity must align with the Society’s strategic goals. The application must be sent to the the EduCom chair Stefan Ritt <> and will then be reviewed by the NPSS Educational Committee. Deadline is June 15th of each year for requests for the following year. The decision will then be made at the summer NPSS AdCom meeting each year. The committee can also help to identify lecturers and give general advice. Please use the Word or PDF form below.

NPSS Educational Activity Application Form (docx)

NPSS Educational Activity Application Form (pdf)

If an Educational Activity gets support from NPSS, it is expected that a 1-2 page report from the activity gets written to be published in the NPSS newsletter. A final financial report with all expenses and receipts must be sent to the EduCom chair for review.

Previous and Future Educational Activities

The following table lists previous NPSS Schools.

Past IEEE NPSS Schools
International school on real-time systems Osaka, Japan 2-7 June 2014
International School in Real Time Systems Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 18-26 Jul 2016
IEEE-NPSS International School for Real Time Systems in Particle Physics Capetown, South Africa 7-17 Jul 2018
IEEE NPSS International School for Real Time Systems Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10-15 Nov 2019
Virtual IEEE NPSS Workshop on Applications of Radiation Instrumentation (“Jakarta”) Jakarta, Indonesia 9-11 Nov 2020
Hybrid IEEE NPSS Workshop on Applications of Radiation Instrumentation (“Dakar”) Dakar, Senegal 3-5 Dec 2020
Virtual Joint School on GATE (“Ho Chi Minh City”) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 15-17 Dec 2021
Virtual Joint School on GATE (Geant4 Application for Emission Tomography) virtual 30 May – 3 June 2022
Instrumentation School Dakar, Senegal 14-15 Nov 2022 Online Lectures, 28 Nov – 9 Dec 2022 On-site Lab Courses
African School of Physics (ASP) Gqberha, South Africa 28 Nov – 9 Dec 2022
School of Advanced Applications in PET Nan, Thailand & Bangkok, Thailand 27 Jan – 2 Feb 2023
School of Space Qualifications Noosa, Australia 12-13 Feb 2023
School at ANIMMA Pisa, Italy 10-12 Jun  2023
School on Space Qualification SSQ 2024 Mooloolaba, Australia 12-15 Feb 2024
Rabat EduCom International Summer School REISS Rabat, Morocco 1-10 July 2024
IEEE-NPSS School on Medical Imaging Jakarta, Indonesia July/August 2024
IEEE/NPSS School of Environmental Radiation Measurements Fukushima, Japan 8-17 September 2024