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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

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Call for Nominations

The Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society gives three different categories of awards each year. Some Awards are given by the Society, some by a Technical Committee, and some by individual Conferences. In addition, there are several IEEE-level Awards for technical achievement in areas that overlap with the NPSS.

Nomination forms for the Society Awards may be obtained from this page, or from:

Ron Schrimpf
Vanderbilt University



Descriptions of all Awards given by all parts of the NPSS and IEEE can be found in the Summary of all awards from IEEE/TAB Awards Manual. We have also provided a document that provides Tips for Writing a Successful NPSS Award Nomination.

Hierarchy of Awards

IEEE Policy on Award Limitations states “Normally, an individual shall receive only one honor in recognition of a given achievement, unless the significance of the achievement is such as to merit subsequently a higher award. A higher award may be given in the following year or thereafter.”

In the hierarchy of NPSS awards, IEEE level awards are considered higher than NPSS Society level awards, which are considered higher than NPSS Conference level awards. Technical Committee awards with a prize amount greater than $2K are considered Society level awards. Within a given award category, generally, the higher the monetary value, the higher the level of the award.

If an individual being nominated for any of our NPSS awards has already received any type of IEEE award for the same or similar work, the nominator must explain why the achievement for which the individual is being nominated is significantly different than that for which the previous award was given.

When applying for a lower level award, it will be the judgment of the NPSS Awards Committee to determine if the achievements are sufficiently different as to merit consideration for the lesser award.