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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

The IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Science Society actively promotes the activities of the IEEE Young Professionals (YP) program which is tailored to the needs of young people during the first 15 years of their professional career. Dedicated YP events are being organized regularly at our NPSS sponsored conferences. Over the past several years, evening functions or lunch events for young professionals have proven to foster improved direct contact between young professionals and colleagues at the peak of their careers. Here, being a (young) IEEE member at the beginning of your scientific or industrial career clearly makes a difference!

This is nicely illustrated by a statement by an attendee at a YP event that was held at a recent IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium-Medical Imaging Conference: “I really enjoyed the short talks given by professionals. The talk I liked most was the one given by a representative from Siemens Medical Solutions. He is working in a field I have always been excited about, and where I would like to work after having completed my Ph.D. I got some valuable hints on how to get closer to my goal.”

The IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society strives to develop the YP further by extending the services to our members. We offer dedicated Young Investigators’ Workshops (YIWS), comprising a combination of lectures from renowned scientists and industry representatives at some of our meetings and are expanding our mentorship activities. Ideally, this may in some cases even lead to a long-term mentor-mentee relationship between YP members and IEEE Fellows. It will be easy for young attendees to profit from this program.