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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society


Technical Committee Awards are generally given only to people who work in that specific technical field. These Awards are administered by the individual Technical Committees, and so their nomination deadlines, forms, and submission instructions depend on the Award. Links to information on these Awards are given below.

Computer Applications in Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Award (CANPS)

Fusion Technology Award (FTC)

Edward J. Hoffman Medical Imaging Scientist Award (MIC)

Freek J. Beekman Medical Imaging Technical Achievement Award (MIC)

Bruce H. Hasegawa Young Investigator Medical Imaging Award (MIC)

Erwin Marx Award (PPST)

Arthur H. Guenther Pulsed Power Student Award (PPST)

Peter Haas Pulsed Power Award (PPST)

Particle Accelerator Science and Technology Award (PAST)

Particle Accelerator Science and Technology Doctoral Student Award (PAST)

Plasma Science and Applications Award (PSAC)

Plasma Science Igor Alexeff Outstanding Student in Plasma Science Award (PSAC)

Radiation Effects Award (REC)

Radiation Effects Early Career Award (REC)

Radiation Instrumentation Early Career Award (RITC)

Emilio Gatti Radiation Instrumentation Technical Achievement Award (RITC)

Glenn F. Knoll Radiation Instrumentation Outstanding Achievement Award (RITC)