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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

Why Join NPSS and IEEE?

Membership in NPSS provides regular communication and direct technical interchange with the foremost international practitioners of nuclear and plasma sciences and engineering through its premier publications and its international, regional, and chapter meetings.

A History of NPSS is available here.

NPSS Members and Affiliates receive:

IEEE members also receive:

To Join...

How to Join

  • If you are not currently an IEEE member and would like to join IEEE and NPSS then you can do so on-line at IEEE Membership Service.
  • If you are already an IEEE-NPSS Member and want to renew your membership on-line then follow IEEE Renewal.
  • If you wish to join IEEE-NPSS as a Student Member then follow Student Membership.
  • If you wish to join NPSS as an Affiliate (without becoming an IEEE Member) then follow Affiliate Membership.


Member Requirements

You may become a Member of the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society by meeting any one of the following requirements:

  • You are already a member of IEEE.
  • Or you graduated from a four-year engineering or related course of study in an accredited school, and you are recommended by an IEEE member.
  • Or you provide evidence of professional achievement comparable to that required for IEEE membership (e.g. formal education or professional position), and you are recommended by an IEEE member.

You may become an NPSS Affiliate Member if your professional interests are in the fields covered by NPSS, but you do not desire the additional benefits derived from belonging to the parent IEEE Organization. You will be entitled to all the benefits of NPSS but not of IEEE. You may join as an NPSS Affiliate if:

  • You have established membership in a professional society that is recognized by NPSS for affiliation purposes. There are many such societies in engineering, medicine, and the physical/life sciences.
  • Or you have professional achievements in nuclear or plasma science or engineering, and you are recommended by an IEEE member.

You may join as a Student Member if you are registered for at least 50% of a full-time academic program in a field related to nuclear or plasma sciences or engineering.