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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

NPSS Membership

The following explains how a member of a reciprocal society can become an Affiliate Member of the NPSS:

  1. Affiliate membership in the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society is available to Scientists and Engineers who are current members in a reciprocal organization (see table entries on the back cover of Transactions on Nuclear Science.) The procedure to become an Affiliate Member involves going to the IEEE/NPSS new member web site. One fills out the on-line form as one would do to become a regular member of IEEE/NPSS with exceptions as noted below. No hardcopy forms are available for this action.
  2. The first page that appears when going to our membership site gives restrictions in effect such as: “The form is not suitable for student applicants, nor is it to be used for membership renewal”. One can select on this page whether to use a secure or a non-secure site for entering the balance of the information. Click one or the other to proceed to the next page.
  3. On the second page in the series, the person is asked whether he or she is a former member of IEEE and if so, what is their member number. Then the person is asked whether he or she has been recruited by an IEEE member, and if so, what is the recruiter’s name and IEEE number. Then the person is asked to identify the region of the world where he or she lives. Press enter to continue.
  4. On the third page, the new person fills out info regarding personal data such as name, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail and business information. As in all pages, required information is highlighted with red asterisks.
  5. On the fourth page, the person enters data regarding education. This page is not user-friendly but it is important. The person enters first where he or she obtained undergraduate education, entering the degree obtained. Then the person may enter data for graduate education focusing upon the highest degree obtained.
  6. The fifth page permits one to select which journal the person desires to receive as part of his or her membership. The TNS or the TPS may be chosen, or one can choose both by paying the $10 additional fee. If the TMI is desired, it may be added after membership has been completed.
  7. On the sixth page, one determines what the dues assessment will be. It is here that the Affiliate makes entries that differentiate that person from a regular IEEE member. The Affiliate:
    1. De-selects IEEE dues.
    2. De-selects Spectrum.
    3. De-selects The Institute.
    4. Then presses the Re-Calculate button.
  8. With the above de-selections, the person sees that he or she now has entered the Affiliate section in page seven with dues assessed for this grade. The amount to be paid is $43 for Affiliate status plus $15 for the annual NPSS fee, totaling $58.
  9. The next page provides a summary of the data that has been entered, permitting the person to edit any mistakes. If all is correct, the next button is pressed.
  10. Doing so brings one to the page where the required dues can be paid by entries of charge card data.
  11. Go to the IEEE/NPSS new membership site to begin the actual process outlined above.

Note: 1. This online application form whether used for regular members or for affiliates does not address the TMI question. A “TMI” member first has to become an NPSS member when using this procedure and then using his or her web account can add TMI for $24 using on-line IEEE services.

Note: 2. The Education page is difficult to follow and unclear. Some schools are entered as for example “University of Wyoming” or “University of Nebraska”. Others are listed as for example “UTAH UNIV OF”.