Minutes of the meeting of the
   IEEE Nuclear Medicine and Imaging Sciences Council (NMISC)
   held Friday, November 14, 1997
   in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Submitted by John Aarsvold, Secretary, NMISC

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Michael A. King, Council

After calling the meeting to order, Dr. King thanked:
   John Aarsvold for serving as NMISC Secretary,
   Anna Cellar for heading up the committee responsible for revising the
      Constitution and By-Laws of the Nuclear Medicine and Imaging
      Sciences Technical Committee (NMISTC) and the committe that
      finalized the revision,
   Thomas Lewellen, 1997 MIC Chairperson, for serving as 1997 MIC
      Chairperson and for arranging and providing lunch,
   Benjamin M. W. Tsui for agreeing to (possibly) serve as the 2000 MIC
      Chairperson, and
   The NMISC Members for their efforts and support during 1997.

Dr. King indicated that the Constitution and By-Laws of the NMISTC had
been submitted to the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS)
Ad Com and that the NPSS Ad Com would vote on the Constitution and By-Laws
on Saturday, November 15, 1997. It was noted that the new Constitution
and By-Laws of the NMISTC should be included in the next IEEE NPSS
directory and that the person the information should be forwarded to is W.
Kenneth Dawson, TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Dr. King next announced the results of the 1997 election for members to
the NMISC. The following were elected and will serve for three years
(January 1, 1998, to December 31, 2000):
   John N. Aarsvold, Ph.D.
   Anna M. Cellar, Ph.D.
   Marie Foley Kijewski, Ph.D.
   Paul E. Kinahan, Ph.D.
   David W. Townsend, Ph.D.
A total of 186 ballots were returned to IEEE.

Following the announcement of the election results, Dr. King announced the
winner(s) of the 1997 IEEE NMISTC Young Investigator Award. As the NMISTC
Award Committee members were unable to choose between two outstanding
finalists, the committee chose two awardees. The awardees are:
   Paul Kinahan, Ph.D.
   Martin Tornai, Ph.D.

In 1998 the second IEEE Medical Imaging Scientist Award will be given and
Dr. King asked for a volunteer to head up a committe to solicit and review
nominations for the award. As the effort to determine such an awardee 
has tasks that overlap at least partially those of the following existing
committees the issue was raised as to whether the task should be placed in
the hands of one of the existing committees: the NPSS Committee on 
Fellows, the NPSS Committee on Awards, or the NMISTC Committee on the MIC
Award. After a brief discussion, it was decided by general concensus that
a seperate committee working in consultation with members of the other
committees would be best. Miles N. Wernick volunteered to serve as the
chairperson of the Committee on the 1998 IEEE Medical Imaging Scientist
Award. A. Bertrand (Randy) Brill volunteered to assist Miles in this
effort. Miles and Randy will draft as needed additional members for the
committee. All agreed with the suggestion of W. Leslie (Les) Rogers that
an effort be made to standardize the nomination submissions. Miles and
Randy agreed to review possibilities starting with reviewing the
possibility of using the format or a subset of the format used for 
nominations for IEEE Fellows. Orhan Nalcioglu announced that the NPSS
Committee on Awards was developing a webpage that would be available
through the IEEE homepage. Ronald J. Jaszczak encouraged nominations of
NMISCT members for IEEE Fellow status.

The next agenda item was "Future MICs". Dr. King stated that the 1998 MIC
Chairperson is W. Leslie Rogers and that the 1998 meeting will be held in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada and that the 1999 MIC Chairperson is Grant
Gullberg and that the 1999 meeting will be held in Seattle, Washington,
USA. The 2000 MIC was to be held on the east coast of the USA and as
noted above Ben Tsui was slated to be the Chairperson. However, because 
the NMISC believed that the NPSS Ad Com would move the 2000 NSS/MIC to
Europe, it was decided that if the decision was made to have the 2000
NSS/MIC in Europe Stig A. Larsson would be the 2000 MIC Chairperson rather
than Ben Tsui.

Les Rogers asked the NMISC members to pass on to him thoughts regarding
how to coordinate better the presentation of material at NSS and MIC that
is of interest to the attendees of both. He also asked members to pass
along thoughts on how best to address the overlap of material at the MIC
and at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

The next Chairperson of the NMISC is Anna M. Cellar. She expressed
interest in the development of additional opportunities (workshops, short
courses, etc..) for continuing education at the MIC.  She asked members of
the NMISC to pass along to her ideas in this regard. William W. Moses
stated that the the Committees for the NSS and MIC were always interested
in suggestions for workshops and short courses and that the person to whom
suggestions could be most fruitfully made is Gary T. Alley.

Chairperson Mike King asked if there were any non-agenda items any member
wished to have considered. Hearing none, Dr. King adjourned the meeting.