2005 IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS)

Nuclear and Medical Imaging Sciences Council (NMISC) Meeting

Meeting Date: October 28, 2005

Meeting Location: Gardenia Room, Wyndham El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico

Attendees: Roger Gearhart, Roger Fulton, Charles Watson, Jeff Fessler, Paul Kinahan, John Aarsvold, Sybille Ziegler, Todd Peterson, Magnus Dahlbom, Ron Jaszczak, Ron Keyser, Ben Tsui, Tom Lewellen, Chris Thompson, Grant Gulberg, Bill Moses, Alberto Del Guerra, Martin Tornai, Ron Huesman, Joel Karp, Tony Lavietes, Craig Woody, Christian Morel, Ed Lampo, Uwe Bratzler, Simon Cherry.

  1. Welcome (Magnus Dahlbom)
  2. Final report on 2004 NSS/MIC (Alberto Del Guerra)
  3. Report on 2005 NSS/MIC (Tom Lewellen)
  4. Report on 2006 NSS/MIC (John Aarsvold)
  5. Report on 2007 NSS/MIC (Ben Tsui)
  6. Report on 2008 NSS/MIC site selection (Ron Keyser)
  7. Report on 2009 NSS/MIC site selection (Ron Keyser)
  8. Change to constitution (Magnus)
  9. Nominees for Vice-Chair (Magnus)
  10. Awards Sub-Committee (Jeff Fessler)
  11. Communications Sub-Committee (Ron Huesman)
  12. TMI Editor-in-Chief (Ron Jaszczak)
  13. Awards (Jeff Fessler)
  14. Meeting closed.