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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society


00483106The Nuclear and Plasma Science Society (NPSS) is a very international and culturally diverse group by sponsoring many conferences outside North America. The Transnational Committee (TNC) has been introduced at the end of 2000 in order to provide a framework for continuous participation in the organizational decisions in the NPSS for the growing membership outside the USA and Canada by developing and supporting any area of fast growing activities in the NPSS technical fields particularly in Asia, India, and Latin America. In addition, there are numerous chapters around the world and our international membership is continuously growing. NPSS strongly encourage participation in all of our Society in activities by our international colleagues, and look forward to expanding our activities into new geographical regions in the future.

Objectives: The main objective is attracting members to participate actively at the IEEE Volunteer work like Conference Attendees, paper Authors, Conference Committee Members and paper Reviewers, etc. It intends to initiate and facilitate the contact between IEEE Members in good standing and the adequate NPSS entity like the relevant Technical Committee, Conference Committee, Editors, Section Chapter, Award, etc. Another service is to provide and possibly train the TNC Members with updated insights about the NPSS Society like Technical Committee (TC) activities, NPSS Point of Contacts aid for Editorial and Award purposes.


Committee Membership

Members of the TNC Committee are IEEE NPSS members from the Regions 8 (Extended Europe, Middle East and Africa), 9 (South America) and 10 (Asia -Pacific). Members at large are appointed yearly by the TNC chair. The TNC chair is an elected ADCOM member for a period of four years. The past chair is becoming the ‘co-chair’ for the same period in order to keep the experiences of the previous years. In addition, a list of contacts and correspondents will be maintained by the chair and updated every year.


Communication is based on mails, Basecamp web and some regular telephone/skype conference-calls in phase with the three ADCOM meeting (March, July and October). Report of the TNC chair will be presented and discussed prior to his presentation as well as the ADCOM voting items. The web site will be accordingly updated with relevant reports and information every time. An annual TNC committee meeting will take place during one of the NPSS conference. Nowadays, the NSS-MIC is the most attended conference by the TNC members. The terms of office of each appointed member is yearly renewable upon asking their feedback of the year and their intention to renew their engagement for the next year.

Membership Duties

Each appointed member should:

  • Be in good standing for the year
  • Provide the TNC with a profile mentioning the member’s interests and main occupation
  • Provide info and suggestions pertaining the TNC purposes to during the Year about its Region. Mention contacts he/she may have had
  • Advise the TNC Chair about the motions to be presented.
  • Participate as possible to the TNC telephone Conferences or TNC Meetings.
  • Establish good and stable contact with some active and influent representatives of local countries and national communities.
  • Use any event (conference/schools…) to attract, recruit and educate members that can become reviewers, conveners, possible TC members …and get experiences about NPSS activities
  • Use membership statistics and feedback from local/regional events to be accessible to future organizers

TNC Members

The Transnational Committee involves more than 15 members from 14 countries.


Chair (2021-present) Martin Grossmann
Region 8
Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland)

Past Chair (2015-2020) Christian Bohm
Region 8
Stockholm University (Sweden)

Past-Past Chair (2013-2014) Patrick LeDu
Region 8
INP Lyon (France)

Appointed Members

Cinzia Davia
Region 8
University of Manchester (UK), UK representative

Christoph Ilgner
Region 8
FZK-Dresden (Germany), GOLD liaison

Abdallah Lyoussi
Region 8
CEA Cadarache (France), ANIMMA/ and Nuclear reactor instrumentation

Bruce Mellado Garcia
Region 8
University of Witwatersrand, South Africa – South African representative

Gabriella Hoff
Region 9
Porto Allegre (Brazil), South America representative

Zhen An Liu
Region 10
IHEP CAS Beijing (China), China representative (RT2009)

Masaharu Nomachi
Region 10
Osaka University (Japan), Japan representative (RT2014)

Sal Portillo
Region 6/Region 9
University of New Mexico, NPSS Membership Chair, South America representative

Stanislav Pospisil
Region 8
Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

Francisco Ramirez Jimén
Region 9
Laboratorio de Detectores de Radiacion, Departamento de Sistemas Electronicos, Carretera Mexico

Stefan Ritt
Region 8
PSI (Switzerland)

Anatoly Rozenfeld
Region 10
Wollogong University (Australia), Pacific representative

André Sopczak
Region 8
Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics in Prague, Czech Republic

Maxim Titov
Region 8
CEA Saclay (France), 2016 NSS-MIC Strasbourg General Chair

Ex-officio Members

Steven Meikle – AdCom President
Region 10
The University of Sydney

Vesna Sossi – AdCom Vice-President
Region 1
University of British Columbia (Canada)

TNC Contact