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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

Year Recipient Description
2021 Ron Schrimpf For contributions to the understanding of radiation effects in semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.
2020 George “Hutch” Neilson For technical leadership in the advancement of science and engineering toward the realization of nuclear fusion as a beneficial source of energy for mankind.
2019 Paul Lecoq For seminal contributions to the field of scintillation science, drawing on the disciplines of radiation detection and measurement, luminescence, solid state physics, and material science.
2018 Manfred Thumm For outstanding contributions and leadership in the field of electron cyclotron heating and current drive technology for thermonuclear fusion plasma research.
2017 R. P. Joshi For significant and sustained contributions to bioelectrics and physics-based understanding of high field phenomena in pulsed power applications.
2016 Meyya Meyyappan For contributions to modeling, simulation, and development of low-temperature process plasmas in microelectronics and plasma applications in nanotechnology.
2015 Michael Kong For outstanding contributions to nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma sources and leadership in advancing plasma applications in healthcare through basic science and technology innovations.
2014 Jim Schwank For significant and sustained contributions to the understanding of radiation effects in semiconductor devices and to the development of radiation-hardened technologies.
2013 Ahmed Hassanein For seminal contributions and leadership in the field of plasma evolution and sources through development of advanced computer simulation combined with state-of-the art innovative laboratory experiments.
2012 Mounir Laroussi For ongoing exceptional contributions to the biomedical applications of plasmas.
2011 Raymond Larsen For his pioneering work on new standards for Control Systems and the introduction of new technologies as a common platform for Physics, Nuclear and Plasma applications and facilities across multiple Laboratories and Institutions all over the world.
2010 Andre Anders For contributions to the science and technology of pulsed plasmas, and specifically cathodic arc and high power impulse magnetron sputtering plasmas.
2009 Dan Fleetwood For contributions to the understanding of radiation effects in microelectronic devices and materials.
2008 Ilan Ben-Zvi For outstanding contributions to the field of high energy physics accelerators and free electron lasers.
2007 Paul Chu For contributions to the understanding, development, and applications of plasma-based surface modification and thin film deposition technologies
2006 Charles L. Melcher For outstanding contributions to the field of scintiallatin materials partciularlyl for the invention, development and commercialization of LSO scintillators and the resulting impact on positron emission tomography and nuclear medicine.
2005 Peter S. Winokur, National Security Administration For contributions to the development of radiation hardened microelectronics and radiation hardness assurance tests.
2004 Kenneth R. Prestwich, Sandia National Laboratories For contributions to advance pulsed power technology of high peak power accelerators and to contributions in forming and organizing the NPSS Pulsed Power Science and Technology Committee.
2003 Joseph R. Srour, The Aerospace Corporation For outstanding technical contributions to the field of radiation effects, and for leadership and service to the IEEE.
2002 Jan S. Iwanczyk, Photon Imaging, Inc. For outstanding contributions to development of compound semiconductor detectors, silicon detectors, imaging systems, and their applications in physics experiments, medicine and other fields of use.
2001 Stephen E. Holland, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory For pioneering work in the development of high-perfromance silicon detectors for medical imaging, astronomy, and high-energy physics and the development of new technologies for optical, X-ray, and gamma-ray instrumentation.
2000 Marek Moszynski, Soltan Insititute for Nuclear Studies For outstanding contributions to the modern scintillation detector and its applications in physics experiments, medicine, and other fields of use.
1999 Erik Heijne, CERN For vision and leadership in applying silicon technologies to the development of new and important detector systems for High Energy Physics.
1998 John Conrad, University of Wisconsin-Madison For his invention and leadership in the development of plasma source ion implantation.
1997 Andrew Ng, University of British Columbia For contributions to the understanding of strongly coupled plasmas through studies of high density shock states and femtosecond laser heated solids.
1996 Glenn F. Knoll, University of Michigan For outstanding contributions to education in the field of radiation detection instrumentation.
1994 Ronald M. Sundelin, CEBAF For contributions to the scientific understanding and technological development of superconducting radio-frequency technology for GeV-scale application, including cavity and peripheral systems performance and production techniques.
1993 Akira Hirose, University of Saskatchewan For pioneering contributions to the understanding of linear waves, instabilities, and turbulent heating in plasmas and confinement studies of tokamaks.
1992 Stephen E. Derenzo, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory For contributions to photon detector and emission tomography instrumentation, including discovery of new scintillators, high resolution PET, and dynamic PET. For outstanding innovations in and contributions to the technical and scientific communications.
1991 Magne Kristiansen, Texas Tech University For outstanding contributions to pulsed power technology and the development of programs of research, education, and information exchange.
1990 Jorge Llacer, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory For contributions to the development of semiconductor radiation detectors and to the understanding of statistically based image reconstruction algorithms in nuclear medical imaging.
1990 Hans Fleischmann, Cornell For pioneering and extensive contributions to the generation, physics, and technology of field-reversing electronic and ion rings.
1989 Edward Fairstein, Consultant For contributions to the technology of linear pulse amplification and to the measurement of ionizing radiation.
1988 Victor A.J. VanLint, Mission Research Corporation For contributions to the understanding of radiation and electromagenetic effects on electronics relevant to military and space systems hardening.
1988 Emilio Gatti, Polytechnic Institute For contributions to the theory and practice of nuclear particle detectors and signal processing methods.
1987 Noah Hershkowitz, University of Wisconsin For pioneering contributions to basic plasma science, plasma diagnostics and RF heating and stabilization of mirror-confined plasmas.
1986 George C. Messenger, Consultant For contributions to the determination of radiation damage to semi-conductors and advances in semi-conductor technology.
1985 Robert Mills, Princeton University For thirty years pioneering leadership in fusion engineering and his lasting contributions of inspiring excellence in his colleagues and teaching the basis of this new field to leaders of the future.
1984 Fred A. Kirsten, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory For contributions in the fields of Nuclear Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Systems, for international leadership in developing and implementing instrumentation standards, and for dedicated service to the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society.
1983 Fred S. Goulding, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory For contributions to nuclear electronics, especially the development and applications of low-noise x-ray detectors, and for inspiration and leadership of a group that has contributed widely to nuclear radiation detection.
1983 Veljko Radeka, Brookhaven National Laboratory For contributions to the basic understanding of the effects of noise in nuclear electronics, and for the development of position sensitive detectors for applications including high energy physics.
1978 J. Leon Shohet, University of Wisconsin For outstanding and innovative contributions to plasma science and, in particular, stellarator research.
1977 John A. Martin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory For outstanding contributions to the field of particle accelerator science and in particular sector focussed cyclotrons.
1976 John P. Blewett, Brookhaven National Laboratory
1975 Louis Costrell, National Bureau of Standards For outstanding contributions to the development and standardization of nuclear instruments.
1974 George A. Morton, (retired), RCA For outstanding contributions towards the advancement of scintillation counting.
1973 Richard F. Shea, Consultant In recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of nuclear science.
1972 William A. Higinbotham, Brookhaven National Laboratory In recognition of his professional leadership in nuclear science and instrumentation and the quality and excellence of his technical contributions.