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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

Year Recipient Description
2021 Andre Kyme For contributions to motion tracking and correction in emission computed tomography and the development of methods that enable preclinical imaging of awake, freely moving animals.
2020 Peng Zhang For pioneering contributions in the theory of electrical contact resistance, and in the physics of diodes in the ultrafast and nano-scale regimes, including electron emission mechanisms and transport.
2019 Matthew Gomez For contributions to magnetically-driven high energy density science and leadership of the experimental demonstration of a magneto-inertial fusion concept with the possibility of scaling to ignition.
2018 David B. Go For contributions to the understanding of discharges and plasmas at microscale dimensions, the interaction between microdischarges and electron emission, and the nature of electron transfer at plasma-liquid interfaces.
2017 Chao Chang For contributions to optical and electromagnetic undulators for free electron lasers, and for studies of microwave window breakdown, multipactor suppression on windows and in dielectric-loaded accelerators, and high-power microwave devices.
2016 Allen L. Garner For contributions to theoretical and experimental studies of the biological effects of electric pulses and plasmas and to nuclear training, education, and maintenance.
2015 Quanzheng Li For contributions to the development of a MAP framework for iterative image reconstruction on static, dynamic, parametric
and TOF PET, and its applications in whole-body dynamic imaging and computer-aided detection.
2014 David Ampleford For contributions to the development of the world’s brightest laboratory x-ray sources, the understanding of z-pinch stagnation dynamics, and the novel application of z pinches to laboratory astrophysics.
2013 Sylvain Girard For contributions to the understanding of radiation effects on fiber optics and fiber sensors and their integration in harsh environments.
2012 Brent Jones For contributions to understanding and developing z-pinch radiation sources on fast, high current pulsed power facilities, particularly involving K-shell x-ray radiation physics and spectroscopy.
2011 Konstyantyn Ilyenko For significant contributions to nonlinear theory of beam dynamics in the pump magnetostatic field of hybrid planar free electron lasers and specifically for the asymptotically exact analytical description of electron trajectories in the vicinity of the magnetoresonance and formulation of the beam chaotization criterion.
2010 Evgeny Stambulchik For outstanding contributions to spectral line broadening theory and modeling, including development of numerical methods, and their applications to novel approaches in plasma diagnostics.
2009 Jinyi Qi For contributions to computational nuclear medical imaging science, particularly statistically-based three-dimensional image reconstruction.
2008 Farhat N. Beg For contributions to the understanding of electron transport in short pulse high intensity laser matter interactions and the physics of pulsed power driven Z pinches.
2007 Daniel B. Sinars For contributions to radiographic measurement of high energy density physics experiments on the 20 MA Z pulsed power generator, including wire-array z-pinches, ICF capsules, and complex hydrodynamics targets.
2006 John Luginsland For contributions to the development and application of theoretical and computational methods leading to enhanced understanding and improved experimental performance of high current diodes and high power microwave sources.
2005 Craig Edward Aalseth, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory For contributions to the advancement of ultra-low-background radiation detection instrumentation and for the development of these instruments as a means of measuring the character and mass of the neutrino.
2004 Robert A. Reed, Vanderbilt University For contributions to measurement and modeling based solutions of particle induced damage and soft error problems in high speed microelectronic and photonic technologies for satellite applications.
2002 Simon Cooke, Naval Research Laboratory For contributions to numerical modeling of vacuum electron devices and RF components through the development of advanced algorithms for three-dimensional electromagnetic simulation.
2001 Paul E. Dodd, Sandia National Laboratories For contributions to the understanding and simulation of physical mechanisims responsible for single-event effects in spaceborne microelectronics.
2000 Xiaochuan Pan, University of Chicago For significant contributions to the fields of g-ray emission tomography, diffraction tomography, x-ray computed tomography, image processing and reconstruction, evaluation of image quality, and atomic physics.
1999 Melissa Douglas, Sandia National Laboratories For significant contributions to the understanding and mitigation of Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in Z-pinch implosions, which have led to higher power x-ray sources for ICF and other applications.
1998 Simon Cherry, University of California, Los Angeles For contributions to the development of positron emission tomography, particularly very high resolution systems for small animal imaging.
1997 Milton Nance Ericson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory For contributions to advancing the state-of-the-art of nuclear instrumentation and for leadership in bringing integrated circuit technology to this field.
1996 Ronald D. Schrimpf, University of Arizona For innovative contributions to understanding the effects or radiation on solid state devices.
1995 Luiz Da Silva, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory