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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

Year Recipient Description
2022 John Verboncoeur For pioneering leadership in computational plasma science research, education, student mentoring, curriculum innovation, supportive professional community leadership, and helping to define the field of computational plasma physics.
2020 Rodney Mason For contributions to the modeling of collisionless and collisional plasmas over large time scales by implicit methods with applications to laser-plasma interactions and in plasma opening switches for pulsed power.
2019 Ahmed Hassanein For contributions to recent innovation in computational plasma physics for applications to magnetic fusion in full 3D simulation of plasma evolution during transient events in ITER Tokamak device.
2018 Bruce I. Cohen For contributions to the numerical simulation of plasmas, particularly multiple time-scale methods, and to their application to diverse plasma physics problems from laser-plasma interactions to tokamaks.
2017 Alex Friedman For contributions to the science and practice of computational physics, including the development of novel methods and effective computer codes, and their application to fusion plasmas and particle beams.
2016 John R. Cary For contributions to scientific discovery using computational methods across plasma physics, the development of computational algorithms and methods, and leadership of computational teams.
2015 Mark J. Kushner For contributions in computational low temperature plasmas and applications, and leadership of the plasma community.