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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

Make A Difference.

Join us in growing our community of Nuclear Plasma and Science professionals.

If you are an engineering or scientific professional working in the areas of:

the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society is your local home in the larger IEEE community. As you explore the NPSS through this website, we invite you to volunteer to support the NPSS.

Volunteers are needed to:

If you have regularly participated in NPSS conferences, volunteer to work on the
organization of a future conference in that series or on a Technical Committee of your choice.

If you publish in NPSS Transactions or Journals, consider helping with editorial responsibilities.

If you are beginning your career, consider the opportunities in our Young Professionals activities.

Consider helping to further extend our international activities by serving on the Committee of a conference held in an international location or perhaps through our Transnational Activities Committee.

Join Us Today!

For more information on volunteering opportunities, please contact one or more of the volunteer representative from the NPSS Technical Committee of most interest to you.

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