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Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society

Distinguished Lectures

Dr. Christian Bohm

University of Stockholm


How to extract maximum information from radiation detectors

Most experimental data in radiation physics arrive as pulses. The task of data acquisition is to extract relevant parameters such as time of arrival, amplitude and sometimes pulse shape. The precision with which this can be done depend on the presence of noise. The task of the lecture is to discuss different signal and noise sources and how to extract maximum time and amplitude information from a given signal and noise combination.

Trigger and DAQ systems for large high energy physics experiments

As the number of channels in state-of-the-art large scale high energy physics experiments increase the multilevel trigger and data acquisition systems become more complicated. I will discuss this development using projects I have been involved with such as ATLAS at LHC and IceCube at the South Pole as examples.


Christian Bohm is professor in Instrumentation physics at Stockholm University. He is partially retired since two years but is still actively participating in the upgrade of the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. He received his Ph.D. in nuclear physics in 1979. From mid-70ies to mid 80ties he worked mostly with the development of Positron Emission Tomography in Sweden. The line of PET cameras initialized by this work was commercialized and marketed by Scanditronix and later by General Electric. Since 1987 he has been leading a research group in Instrumentation physics at the University of Stockholm. Most of its activity concern development of particle physics instrumentation and more specifically the development of triggers and data acquisition for the ATLAS detector and to a lesser extent IceCube at South Pole.

Christian Bohm has been involved in the organization of several NPSS conferences (NSS/MIC and Real Time) and been a member of NPSS ADCOM in different capacities, elected member from CANPS (2010-2013) and the chairman of the TransNational Committee since beginning of 2015.

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